ספק כוח Antec HCP-850 80 plus 850W Platinum Modular


669 690

  • 850W continuous power supply – 850W of continuous Power with 94% Maximum energy efficiency, 80 Plus Platinum Certified.
  • Dbb fan – the 135mm double Ball Bearing DBB fan s hours of operation at the optimal temperature. A thermal Manager is ideal for quiet computing.
  • Oc Link – the new oc-link feature allows 2 hcp Platinum power supplies to work in tandem to power the most demanding systems.
  • High Current rails – The quad fully protected +12V high current rails with high load capabilities ensure maximum CPU and GPU compatibility.
  • Technical Features – Full modular for less clutter; Circuit Shield for industry-level protections; AQ7 7 years support; 16-pin sockets; 6 PCI-E connectors; ATX12V 2. 4 and EPS12V 2. 92 compatible.
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